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Ida Kehoe

Ida Kehoe

While having no formal education in the arts, Ida’s passion for equine photography has erupted into a passionate obsession. She has a sensitivity for physical presence that infuses drama into each image.
Her post work has invigorated an optic that is unparalleled, defining her unique visual signature.
Ida has spent twenty years in Medical Imaging where she learned dark room chemistry in the x-ray lab. The juxtaposition between the static nature of diagnostic imagery and the constant movement of her chosen subject brings wonderful chaos to her art.

A trip to Iceland, designed to shoot landscape, became transformative when she stumbled upon a heard of horses. She now traverses the world in search of equine magnificence.

Ida currently spends her time split between diagnostic imaging and equine photography.

127 Main Street
Northport, New York 11768

631-754 -8414

Monday 10AM - 6PM .
Wednesday-Saturday 10AM - 6PM.
Sunday 12PM - 4PM .
Closed Tuesday

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