SNIPT Gallery


Derek Douglas, known professionally as SNIPT is a Las Vegas born artist who has been creating pop culture mashups since 2012. The works of SNIPT attempt to visually appeal to the casual viewer, while offering social commentary that tends to spark up lively conversations. His unique works typically contain multiple layers that include hand collaged backgrounds, painted and stenciled elements, and a central image that is generally a composition of dozens of images that have been juxtaposed.  The final result is a piece that looks familiar to the viewer, but is ultimately an image that has never previously existed. A SNIPT piece is the visual equivalent of a remixed metaphor heavy hip hop song.

Since 2012, the body of work created by SNIPT has included mural installations for corporate and private clients, convention exhibits, interactive music festival installations, and inclusion in several gallery exhibits in both solo and group formats.

127 Main Street
Northport, New York 11768

631-754 -8414

Monday 10AM - 6PM .
Wednesday-Saturday 10AM - 6PM.
Sunday 12PM - 4PM .
Closed Tuesday

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