Equine Photography

August 19, 2017 @ 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm


LaMantia Gallery is excited to present 3 fine art photographers for a spectacular equine photography show, Nina Girolamo, Matthew Donohue and Ida Kehoe.

Nina Girolamo is an accomplished artist dedicated to using life experience as a form of exploration.  She has had an extensive career in equine photography, spanning from the shores of California across to the marshes in the South of France.  Every collection has begun with her appreciation for these beautiful creatures that have roamed the world for centuries.  

Born in Long Island, New York, she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Long Island University, with a concentration in photography.  She continued to pursue art in all different forms,  graduating from the prestigious Parsons School of Design, as well as the New York School of Interior Design.  

 She began her photographic career on the back of a motorcycle, perusing the West Coast of the United States.  It is here that she began to fall in love with not only the beauty of the sprawling lands, but the animals that inhabit them.  This pivotal moment is what helped shaped her career in equine photography, and began her long span relationship with the souls of the horses.  Photographing horses in both captivity and the wild, Nina has been able to uniquely express the untold story of each horse throughout her collections.  

 Through this work, Nina has become aware of the hardships of these animals as well.  Because of this, she is a supporter of the non-profit horse rescue, Equine Outreach, which facilitates in the rescue, rehabilitation, and permanent placement of abused, neglected and unwanted horses.

Matthew Donohue was born in Stamford, Connecticut and spent most of his youth living in Delaware and Pennsylvania before moving to Brooklyn, New York to study at the Prestigious Pratt Institute. He graduated
in 2004 with a B.F.A. in Communication Arts.

After several years designing logos Matthew dropped everything and moved to South Korea for two years and then packed his bags for Kuwait where he taught photography and worked for Bazaar Magazine as a monthly columnist and photographer traveling throughout the
Middle East, East Africa, and the Indian Sub-Continent.

After returning to the United States Matthew’s work changed dramatically especially after becoming a father, as he now works primarily in Ballet and the Equine field.

He lectures a couple times a year on his life in the arts and his
body of work. Matthew is also a professor at Miami Ad School in Queens, New York teaching graduate students in Photography and video.

Matthew has been published in The Delaware News Journal, The Miami Herald, Spark Magazine, Bazaar Magazine (Kuwait), Eloquence Magazine (South Korea), Speak Easy Magazine (South Korea), Ego Miami, Concertblogger.com, Focus Magazine, Listenbeforeyoubuy.com, and Deli Magazine


Pratt Institute, Brooklyn New York 2003
Pratt Institute, B
rooklyn New York 2004
ING Direct, Wilmington Delaware 2006
1715 Delaware Ave, Wilmington Delaware 2006

Raleigh Hotel, Miami 2007
Bundang, South Korea 2008
Dasman, Kuwait 2009
PLG Artisits Exhibition, Brooklyn New York 2011
8th & Union, Wilmington Delaware 2017


Ida Kehoe

While having no formal education in the arts, Ida’s passion for equine photography has erupted into a passionate obsession. She has a sensitivity for physical presence that infuses drama into each image.
Her post work has invigorated an optic that is unparalleled, defining her unique visual signature.
Ida has spent twenty years in Medical Imaging where she learned dark room chemistry in the x-ray lab. The juxtaposition between the static nature of diagnostic imagery and the constant movement of her chosen subject brings wonderful chaos to her art.

A trip to Iceland, designed to shoot landscape, became transformative when she stumbled upon a heard of horses. She now traverses the world in search of equine magnificence.

Ida currently spends her time split between diagnostic imaging and equine photography.

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