Grand Opening

LaMantia Gallery celebrates grand opening and unveiling of new wing.

We had a wonderful grand opening on September 23rd with four artist painting live in the gallery! Rolinda Stotts, Daniel Del Orfan, Joe Berezansky and Sean Carlson all brought their creative tools to show our guests how they create their artwork.

    Owner James LaMantia getting ready for the Grand Opening.

Wine and cheese with some sweets greeted the guests.

Artist Rolinda Stotts speaking with a guest about her “Bella Rotta” technique she uses to create her amazing paintings. 

Her inspiration for the day was a beautiful bouquet of white roses. 


Did you know that “Bella Rotta” means beautiful broken? The cracks in her paintings are real, “its not a crackle finish”.  Rolinda encourages people to touch and feel her paintings. She says most people are drawn to the tactile nature of the paintings and she loves to encourage that sense of touch. “Touching is loving” says Rolinda.


Long Island Artist Daniel Del Orfano working on a spectacular portrait. 


Daniel is best known for his “red umbrella” portrait paintings.  


Daniel’s expressive style emphasizes texture over realism producing an almost ethereal feeling.

His work depicts life, not as it may be, but more as it is remembered- a snapshot, not of a particular moment but of an overall memory. 

Artist Joe Berezansky creating one his autumn landscape scenes.


Artist Joe Berezansky showing our guests how he adds that bit of whimsy to his paintings.

Joe believes his art should lift the viewer (or listener) a bit higher than what is normally seen, (or heard). Art has the ability to guide someone along to a place where things are always better. To point out,(for example,”There is more to the sky than meets the eye).   

Artist Sean Carlson in the beginnings of his signature ballet dancer paintings.


Everyone loves Sean’s flowing dancers and horses. Sean was born and raised on Long Island, New York, “I have been creating and studying art my entire life.  Since graduating from Hofstra University, I have been pursuing my passion in as many various forms as I can. 


The tools of the trade travel with Sean easily in his carrying case.

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